Seal of the O. J. Hammell Co.The FactorySeal of the O. J. Hammell Co.
"The Master Craftsmen of the East"



The Hammell Co. received most of its raw stock via rail from the quarries of the North Barre Granite Company
and the Vermont Marble Company, to name two, and from many others across the United States and the World. 
Fine Italian marbles were imported to be carved into statues and other ornamental shapes used on monuments. 
mausoleums, and as benches, corner markers for burial lots and many other uses. Other rare varieties of marbles, 
granites and limestone were purchased as well.

The overhead cranes you see in these photos were used to unload the rail cars and move the 
large blocks of stone to a laydown area where they were marked and measured out for each job.
Larger pieces were split into manageable blocks that would fit the large saws. Some of the raw
blocks were so large that only two would fit on a rail flatcar.

This last photo shows the railroad siding which ran along the North side of the building. this siding 
serviced only the O J Hammell Company, the 2 adjacent tracks ran from Atlantic City, passing through 
downtown Pleasantville on the way to Camden and Philadelphia.


1 The O. J. Hammell Company is no longer in business, I have replaced present with past tense in any text copied from Hammell Company documents which might mislead someone into thinking the company is still in operation. The O. J. Hammell Company, Inc. was bought out by another monument company from Philadelphia in 1968 and was eventually closed a few years later. The last remaining office, the water tower, and the factory, all located in Pleasantville, NJ  were later torn down around 1974? (exact year unknown). The purpose of this web site is only to provide historical information about the monument company operated by my family from 1867 to 1967. If you have questions or information that might add to this site you are welcome email me.

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