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The 100 year anniversary of the dedication of the Tea Burning monument at Greenwich
will be held September 27 & 28, 2008 at the site of the monument in Greenwich, NJ
and will include a reenactment of the tea burning, tall ships, and more.

You can find more information here on the Cumberland County Historical Society web site.

The Greenwich Tea Burners Monument - Dedicated September 30, 1908

Greenwich Tea Burners Monument

The photo above was taken shortly after the monument was completed. 
You will notice if you get a chance to visit the site that the monument is now surrounded 
by homes and large trees which did not exist in 1908 (see the 1956 photo below).

Photo taken during NJ State Historical Conference in Greenwich, 1956

You can read more about the history of the tea burning on the 
Cumberland County, NJ web site
and at the 
Cumberland County Historical Society web site you can find a good map of Greenwich.

Dedication of the Tea Burners Monument, Sep. 30. 1908

Photo of the dedication ceremony of the Greenwich Tea Burners Monument, 
September 30, 1908. Approximately 7000 people attended this event.

Close up of the bronze tablet depicting the tea burning in 1774   The monument as it appears today (2008)

1 The O. J. Hammell Company is no longer in business, I have replaced present with past tense in any text copied from Hammell Company documents which might mislead someone into thinking the company is still in operation. The O. J. Hammell Company, Inc. was bought out by another monument company from Philadelphia in 1968 and was eventually closed a few years later. The last remaining office, the water tower, and the factory, all located in Pleasantville, NJ  were later torn down around 1974? (exact year unknown). The purpose of this web site is only to provide historical information about the monument company operated by my family from 1867 to 1967. If you have questions or information that might add to this site you are welcome email me.

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